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Watsky – X Infinity (Album)


01. Tiny Glowing Screens, Pt. 3
02. Talking to Myself
03. Chemical Angel
04. Little Slice (feat. Danny Skyhigh McClain)
05. Springtime in New York
06. Pink Lemonade
07. Don’t Be Nice
08. Yes Britannia
09. Love Letters
10. Stick to Your Guns (feat. Julia Nunes)
11. Brave New World (feat. Chaos Chaos)
12. Going Down
13. Midnight Heart (feat. Mal Devisa)
14. Lovely Thing Suite: Conversations
15. Lovely Thing Suite: Knots
16. Lovely Thing Suite: Roses
17. Lovely Thing Suite: Theories
18. (Bonus Track) Exquisite Corpse [feat. Dumbfoundead, Grieves, Adam Vida, Wax, Rafael Casal, Daveed Diggs & Chinaka Hodge

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