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Nolan The Ninja – He(art) (Album)


  1. Opulence
  2. Immortality
  3. Dianetics
  4. Deploi (Ft. Phat Kat)
  5. Abyss (Ft. Red Pill of Ugly Heroes)
  6. Epitome (Ft. MAHD, L.A.Z of Clear Soul Forces & Supa Emcee)
  7. Pennies (Prelude)
  8. Pennies
  9. Integrity (Ft. Guilty Simpson)
  10. Ecology (Ft. A-Minus)
  11. He(art)
  12. Amour
  13. Acres (Ft. Noveliss of Clear Soul Forces)
  14. Reel Shit (Ft. Finale)
  15. Potency
  16. Coda (Ft. DJ Soko)

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