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Lushlife & CSLSX – Ritualize (Album)


  1. Totally Mutual Feeling
  2. The Waking World (Ft. I Break Horses)
  3. Hong Kong (Lady of Love) (Ft. Ariel Pink)
  4. Incantation (Ft. Deniro Farrar)
  5. Undress Me In The Temple
  6. Body Double
  7. Toynbee Suite (Ft. RJD2, Nightlands & Yikes the Zero)
  8. Strawberry Mansion (Ft. Freeway)
  9. This Ecstatic Cult (Ft. Killer Mike)
  10. Burt Reynolds (Desert Visions)
  11. Integration Loop (Ft. Marissa Nadler)
  12. Ritualize

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