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Lil Keke – Slfmade (Album)



  1. Slfmade (feat. Mo City Soulja)
  2. Don’t Change (feat. Scarface)
  3. No Lie (feat. Mr. Lee)
  4. Miss Our G’s II (feat. Z-Ro & Mike D.)
  5. Never Met Her (feat. Mo City Soulja)
  6. Summertime
  7. Remember (feat. Bam Rodgers)
  8. Scheming on a Million (feat. OG Ant)
  9. I’m on My Way (feat. Lil Brent)
  10. Nothing to Prove (feat. Bam Rodgers)
  11. Southside Groovin’ (feat. Big Pokey)
  12. This Is Why We Ride (feat. Propain)
  13. Talkin’ Down (feat. Paul Wall)
  14. Before Yo Name
  15. Bout My Bizness (feat. G Hustla & Marcus Manchild)


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